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About Me ✌🏻

A self-taught developer, tech researcher, product designer, and lifelong learner from Indonesia. This individual possesses a unique set of skills that sets them apart in the tech industry.

With a passion for technology and design, he has honed their skills in frontend development, product design, and research.

His ability to adapt and learn quickly has allowed him to stay current with industry trends and advancements.

As a creative problem-solver, he brings a unique perspective to the development process and has a talent for creating user-friendly, visually appealing products which is a valuable asset.

Story 📰

I've always liked technology since I was a kid, I like to look at games, and think about how things work. but unfortunately at that time, I wasn't close to computers (they didn't support it). I like art and visual images, I used to love drawing paper and including my drawings (calligraphy), until I just saw the cracks in the wall, and my imagination explored.

I started to know computers massively in internet cafes in junior high school in 2007, often internet every time I came home from school, watched youtube, and liked to survive on the internet, but not until maniacal online games. at that time I didn't know how to make a website either.

When I was in high school + after 3 years at the boarding school, I started holding a Symbian cellphone and liked to modify the appearance of the cellphone starting with themes, icons, and widgets. started learning a little python language just for display scripting. learned to write blogs sharing Symbian applications (illegal) and entered internet forums.

At the end of the year at the boarding school (2016) I was able to buy a cheap HP brand laptop for 1 million with intel dual core specs. starting at that time I learned HTML, and CSS from the internet (website articles) and continued to learn programming at a non-formal boarding IT school like the boarding school. There I learned many things about the vast and complex world of software engineering. Learning HTML, CSS, PHP, Python, WordPress, and Laravel until learning Odoo ERP. At that time I also began to recognize Linux and was very enthusiastic about using Linux, tweaking, and exploring it.

In 2017, I finally bought a decent laptop with AMD A9 spec and 4GB RAM and started working at a B2B ticketing startup. At that time I was familiar with the Linux OS and I used it daily, it was so powerful that I only used WM because it was to increase laptop performance. I learned a lot about the fast-growing javascript programming ecosystem, especially React and Vue frameworks, even though the technology where I worked was still using legacy technology. I enjoy working as a Frontend Developer until now and designing app interfaces that are pleasing to the eye and functional in experience.

I like to explore the development of technology, especially web technology, read programming articles, watch programming videos, and participate in technology forums. Continue to learn to improve logic and problem-solving to become a relevant software engineer according to technological developments.

Currently, I focus on becoming a Fullstack Developer and Product Designer which I think is relevant to what I like 😃.